Specialized transport


Specialized transport

To meet the expectations of our customers, we also offer specialised transport as part of the comprehensive logistics services. We provide carriage of special cargo with unusual dimensions, heavy and bulky (i.e. oversize cargo) which require the use of appropriate means of transport. In particular, we offer specialised services which include:

We carry out orders using appropriate and professional equipment designed to carry complex cargo. We have a low loader semi-trailer with a lowered cargo deck (below the height of the wheels), equipped with a special loading ramp. The use of the semi-trailer facilitates transport of heavy and tall machinery or equipment. In addition, low loader transport allows to match the type of trailer to the size of transported goods.
We also offer loader crane transport, which is carriage of cargo using a truck with a special hydraulic crane popularly known as loader crane. Crane allows fast and easy loading, unloading and handling of goods without the need to use additional amount of equipment. This method is often used to transport special containers designed to work with the crane. We also take orders aimed to transport vehicles using car carriage trailer.
Transport of agricultural and construction equipment is a responsible challenge, which is carried out by our trained staff. We provide a carriage of cargo in accordance with the applicable rules of road safety. We provide comprehensive execution of orders. We advise, organise any authorisation that is needed to transport oversize machinery, equipment, and we offer professional pilotage service. We provide the highest quality services at a satisfactory price. We carry out every specialised loader crane transport and low loader transport. Safely and on time!
As a logistics operator we also specialise in comprehensive solutions in storage and logistics services. We have a modern warehouse storage area near Warsaw, and we provide transport and freight forwarding. In addition, we offer packaging, labelling, foil wrapping, co-packing and preparation of promotional bundles.
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