As a logistics operator, we offer comprehensive solutions for inventory management. We have a modern computer system (WMS – Warehouse Management System) that allows, among others, electronic identification of goods, online viewing of current inventory, production and expiry dates of goods and also allows making of reservations in individual lot numbers. WMS also allows online viewing of a register of Goods Received Notes and Goods Dispatched Notes.


We offer services in the field of contract logistics. Customers who choose to outsource logistics services can count on professionalism at every stage of an order. Our system of work includes a number of measures which ensure smooth operations carried out in the storage area. Starting from the receipt of goods, to the completion of an order in accordance with the guidelines received from a customer, and ending with delivering the goods to the recipient just in time. Thanks to that, we are a proven and reliable partner for e-Commerce companies.


Warsaw is an ideal location supporting our logistics services, including transport services. Our Logistics Centre – a modern and spacious facility that is a showcase of our company – is located near the Warsaw expressways. 


As part of our storage and logistics services, we also offer packaging, labelling, foil wrapping, co-packing, domestic and international transport. We provide both storage and transport of goods of a particular type: food, chemicals, electronic devices, household appliances and dangerous goods (ADR).


We have experience and guarantee of security in the area of logistics solutions. We strive to minimise the costs incurred by a customer while maintaining the highest standards.


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