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Manual work are any activities that occur on the occasion of implementing our other services. They include, among others


Foil wrapping is used to protect a given a product, improve its aesthetics or to combine two or more products together using a heat-shrinkable film (PVC, polyolefin), into heat-sealed bags (PE, PVC, polyolefin) and polypropylene film.


We use heat sealers or shrink tunnels for foil wrapping.


Labelling is the process of placing specific information on a product. The information may include the expiration date, production series, manufacturer’s data, composition, or a range of information that can improve the storage itself. Labelling of food and other products aims to provide product’s information, warnings and strengthens its advertising characteristics.


Creating bundles usually consists of combining together two or more different products for which it isn’t uncommon to differ in size. Packaging of bundles aims to promote a product by increasing sales and getting a customer acquainted with its brand. Combining of products is often done manually, using various kinds of adhesive tapes, specialised adhesives, packaging, shrink film or machines.


 Inserting is an activity that requires very precise manual work. It consists of placing leaflets, brochures, surveys, coupons, samples, sachets, CDs, DVDs, gadgets, etc. in any place or in a precisely defined point on a product. Pasting is done using adhesive dots, adhesives, adhesive tapes.


In addition to co-packing, our offer is complemented with storage extended by manual work, such as packaging and foil wrapping, and distribution of goods to stores located in Warsaw and the entire country.

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